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Supply your bespoke health supplements business with the best quality empty capsules in the UK.

So you’ve established a successful business, but how do you elevate your company from a reliable health supplement provider to an innovative leader in the market? Or perhaps you’re starting a business from scratch and keen to make something unique?

At HTC Health, we not only provide a wide range of premium supplements wholesale, we also offer top quality gelatine and vegetarian empty capsules. Together with our provision of raw materials, you can create your own customised health supplements, made from the finest ingredients available.

Our empty capsules are provided by two top manufacturers who specialise in quality bovine gelatin and vegetarian capsules respectively. Both companies use proprietary manufacturing technology and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified facilities. The capsules are also GMP and pharmaceutical certified.

Whatever your needs, we can supply it all: our empty capsules are compatible with all types of filling machines, are available as clear or coloured and come in a wide range of sizes from #000 to #5. Additional trademarks or images can even be printed on the capsules to represent your brand!

Above all, we’re committed to making sure every capsule that reaches your customers is made to the highest possible standard. Every batch of capsules is supplied with a certificate of analysis containing detailed results of the laboratory tests, so you can be confident of their safety and quality.

Our empty capsules come with a minimum order quantity of one carton per chosen size of capsule. All these capsules are supplied in closed cartons ranging from 50,000pc (size #000) all the way up to 140,000 pc (size #1). If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us.

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Take a look at our range of empty capsules comprising of gelatine and vegetarian product ranges. Read about unique properties of our top quality empty capsules and find out about certificates ensuring the highest standards of their manufacturing processes.

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