Looking to add new formats to diversify your range? Expanding your portfolio to appeal to kids and customers tired of traditional tablets? Stock up on our wholesale supplement gummies!

Our fantastic nutritional supplement gummies provide a tasty and inviting form of health supplement. Gummies are the ideal solution for customers who dislike the traditional forms of tablets or capsules, and for children, who will love the taste and fun design.

A wide variety of ingredients are included in our gummy range, which we are constantly expanding to include even more nutritious supplements. Unlike other gummies on the market, our specially crafted recipe enables a higher concentration of active ingredients to remain stable for a longer period of time.

But we don’t just want our supplement gummies to be nutritious and long-lasting health supplements, we also want them to taste great, so we’ve carried out significant research to ensure that our gummies have a brilliant ‘mouthfeel’ and flavour.

Our gummies are available in a variety of shapes and tastes, depending on the formula. They are also available in small bulk quantities and come with the option of finished packaging.

All our gummy health supplements are free from artificial colours and flavours. They are sourced from BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved manufacturer, made to the highest GMP standards and are supplied with a certificate of analysis.

Want to guarantee the very best health supplements for your customers at an unbeatable price?

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Explore the new innovative and delicious delivery format of health supplements. HTC Health is one of the biggest suppliers of gummies to the European market. In the catalogue you’ll find detailed information on the whole gummy range available at HTC now.

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