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Our new high protein powders put the ‘bulk’ into bulk supplements for an optimum gym performance your customers will love.

At HTC Health, we’re committed to meeting customer demand and adapting to the latest developments in the market. As such, we’ve expanded our range of protein supplements to include some excellent new alternatives to the limited mainstream products you might find elsewhere.

Not only has interest increased in vegan and vegetarian versions of our most popular wholesale supplements but there has been a noticeable spike in demand for protein-rich food and health supplements, as awareness of this important nutrient becomes more prominent.

Protein is a key component of a healthy diet and is vital for many important functions within the body, such as building tissue, cells and muscle. We all need protein, especially customers participating in endurance sports or weight training, who will benefit from the muscle-boosting effects of our high protein powders.

All our high protein supplements are sourced from a certified UK manufacturer.

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HTC Health is thrilled to introduce our new Product Catalogue, which covers the whole range including our new Sports Nutrition range, which was released earlier this year. Get in touch for more information on any of the products listed in our catalogue.

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