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Now veggie customers can enjoy the same great benefits of our most popular wholesale supplements in vegetarian soft shell capsules

At HTC Health, we like to stay on top of all trends and developments within the health supplement industry. As such, we make sure our wide range of wholesale supplements reflects the market demand.

Due to the steady rise of vegetarian and vegan consumers, we decided to launch our vegetarian soft shells line to meet the growing need for veg-friendly health supplements. The vegetarian soft shell capsules have been developed by our standard softgel supplier, Sirio Pharma, and are made using a unique technology which transforms carrageenan algae into soft shell capsules.

The vegetarian health supplement market is larger than you may think and includes customers who opt for gelatine-free products for religious and cultural reasons, as well as for personal preference.

Vegetarian soft shell capsules are similar to our gelatin softgels in terms of appearance and size, however, due to the special seaweed material used in production, they are even more durable and resilient.

For other fantastic vegan options, why not check out our specialist vegan sports nutrition products? Our preworkout powders, super greens, and iBCAA and mass gain endurance powders have been approved by the Vegetarian Society.

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HTC Health is delighted to introduce a new range of vegetarian soft capsules. In reply to market demand, we have launched vegetarian soft shell versions of our most popular softgel lines. Click on the brochure to find out which products are now available in vegetarian version. Get in touch to find out more!

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