Empty Gelatine Capsules

Product Carton Qty
Gelatine Capsule Clear #2 160,000
Gelatine Capsule Clear #1 140,000
Gelatine Capsule Clear #0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule White#0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule Red #0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule Blue #0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule Light Blue #0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule Black #0 100,000
Gelatine Capsule Clear #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule White #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule Red #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule Blue #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule Light Blue #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule Black #00 80,000
Gelatine Capsule Clear #000 50,000
● All products are subject to a minimum order quantity of 1 carton. Contact us if you require custom bottling and packaging. We offer a wide range of made to specification packaging types.


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Look no further for the quality gelatine capsules you need, to create your own bespoke health supplements

Our quality gelatine capsules are created from the finest raw materials and are certified for pharmaceutical use. The gelatine itself is sourced from Rousselot – the largest supplier of premium bovine gelatine – and manufactured to the highest GMP standards. With over 30 years’ experience in this field, you can be sure that our suppliers will provide the best capsules possible.

Our empty gelatine capsules are designed to provide:

  • A high level of consistency and stability, allowing high-packing efficiency
  • A unique pre-locking ring with four locking points to prevent capsule separation
  • A high-reliability closure and compatibility with all types of filling machines
  • Suitability for production of pharmaceuticals
  • Reduced incidence of split capsules and dented ends