Odourless Garlic

Product Carton Qty
O/d Garlic 2mg 20,000
O/d Garlic 10mg 10,000
● All products are subject to a minimum order quantity of 1 carton. Contact us if you require custom bottling and packaging. We offer a wide range of made to specification packaging types.


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Now customers can enjoy the many benefits of garlic in the simple, convenient form of our odourless garlic capsules

The historical health benefits of garlic are well known, and the nutritional properties of this popular food ingredient can now be enjoyed in a softgel capsules.

Our odourless softgel garlic capsules contain pure garlic powder within a smooth gelatin casing, eliminating the strong taste and smell of whole garlic while preserving the natural goodness.

When crushed, garlic cloves release Allicin which is a sulphuric compound with anti-microbial properties. This is why for centuries this common plant has been used as a natural antibiotic and a great remedy for any yeast and bacterial infections.

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400mg, 600mg