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Whey Protein Vanilla Flavour 4 x 500g pouch In Stock
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Our Whey protein powder comes in 500g pouches with our Clean Performance Nutrition branding and it’s available in a choice of two irresistible flavours: vanilla and strawberry.

Whey protein powder is undoubtedly the most widely-used gym supplement for customers looking to optimise their protein intake while training. Used by bodybuilders and athletes alike, whey protein is a nutritious complete protein derived from milk.

The high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate content of our Whey Protein blends make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to complement their existing healthy lifestyle. Protein also increases the feeling of satiety, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Packed with an impressive 18g of protein per serving it delivers the protein needed for muscle growth and maintenance, from a high-quality source. Unlike many other protein powders on the market, our new whey protein powder is made using 80% whey concentrate, with no added sugars, no GMO ingredients, no soy and no amino spiking.

In addition to that our unique whey formula has been enriched with B vitamins and Folic Acid to support normal energy yielding metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

As the whey protein is quickly absorbed it’s best to drink it 30-60 minutes after workout or at anytime during the day. The powder can be mixed with water or milk or can be added to smoothies, porridge or baked treats for a protein-packed nutritious snack.